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Our Gender Activities Projects

Women’s Café

Every Monday from 4pm – 5:30pm mothers can be diligent while their children play around. In our Women’s Café women from different cultural backgrounds meet to exchange, network and talk about different topics of everyday life. Join us for a cup of tea, biscuits and interesting discussions about life in western society.

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The international women’s week 2016

The international women’s week in celebration in commemoration of IWD Day is over The international women’s week in celebration of Women’s Day on 8 March is over and we say: Thank you… Thank you for coming and thank you for your participation and contribution. Considering the fact that the community of women in Dortmund gets…

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Impress Day 2014

In 2011 VMDO in cooperation with AfricanTide Union e.V. started the Mai-Jobcafe, where women with migration background were explicitly integrated and reintegrated into the job market in NRW. Since the challenges of women are very enormous, starting with day-care for the children, overcoming language barriers, lack of recognition of qualifications and ends with cultural values…

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International Womens day

“The Gender agenda is gaining momentum” February 2013 The story of the woman and their fight for equality is not from a single feminist group or organization, but it is based on the common efforts for human rights. That is why the women of AfricanTide Union e.V. also participates annually in the International Women’s Day…

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Single Mothers

A meeting point for single mothers with a migration background Single mothers with a migration background often face tremendous challenges in everyday life in Germany. Insufficient knowledge of the German language, social isolation and a lack of knowledge regarding the German educational system are a few among many factors that present insuperable obstacles to a…

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