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Join us this year AGAIN IN DORTMUND FROM 24th till 26th may 2018

Join us this year AGAIN IN DORTMUND FROM 24th till 26th may 2018

Join us this year AGAIN IN DORTMUND FROM 24th till 26th may 2018

Join us this year AGAIN IN DORTMUND FROM 24th till 26th may 2018

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Meet our speakers for this year's event


Mr Jörg Stüdemann

Jörg Stüdemann is the director of the city of Dortmund, and head of finance, real estate, culture, personnel and organization. In addition to the Stadtkämmerei, this department also includes the city treasury and the tax office, the office for real estate, the personnel and organization office. Another field of activity is cultural work under the umbrella of Kulturbetriebe Dortmund with numerous facilities, such as the Theater Dortmund and the museums, as well as cultural promotion.

Dr. RosaLyn Dressman

As a sociologist, RosaLyn Dressman has been involved in the African Diaspora communities for many years. RosaLyn founded AfricantTide and has been CEO of the organisation for eight years.

Mr Clément Klutse

As a management consultant (MBA), Clement Klutse focuses on start-ups in West Africa. In Hamburg, Clement is active as a local politician and annually organizes "The Night of African Entrepreneurs in Germany". With partners in politics, Clement is currently developing a concept of “circular migration”.

Dr. Norbert Tschirpke

In cooperation with AfricanTide since 2013, Norbert Tschirpke has designed and realized projects in Germany and abroad. The current project with partners in Nigeria aims at reducing the causes of flight and to develop educational opportunities for young people in Africa. Previously, he was managing director of the education center of Kreishandwerkerschaft Hellweg-Lippe in Soest.

Dr. Eddy Bruno Esien

Eddy Bruno Esien develops projects in youth work. As a professional sociologist, case manager and youth coach, his focus is on empowerment strategies and strengthening social participation.

Mr Abdou Rahime Diallo

Rahime advises AKP ministries at the Diaspora Policy Institute in Berlin on Global Justice, Policy Advice, Decolonization and Further Education. In addition, he is the chairman of the Diaspora network NeMiB e.V in the province of Brandenburg and as musician and bandleader of FULANI.

Mr Steve Odhiambo

Steve Odhiambo launched the startups ukowapi UG and QoLMA UG and was able to collect as much as € 200,000 in debt capital. As a leadership trainer and a business coach, he shares his investment experience with Diaspora Africans. Steve received the Galileo Masters Award from the European Space Agency for his work on satellite navigation.

Ms Betangmbeh Nzefeh

Betangmbeh is responsible for the finances of AfricanTide. She graduated in business administration holds a certificate as SAP consultant in Sales & Distribution and many years of experience.

Ms Andrea Tarilayu Weber

Tari studies Applied Literature and Cultural Studies, Political and Cultural Anthropology of Textile, works as a freelance journalist and a model. As a youth ambassador for AfricanTide, Tari is particularly committed to the young generation.

Ms Chinelo Ntagu

Chinelo worked as a project manager in Nigeria before taking over the project management for MyTide TV at AfricanTide. In addition, Chinelo is involved in projects to tackle the causes of flight from Africa by building education opportunities for the youths.


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Events Venue

24.05.2018, 15:00 Hrs

Vernissage im Dortmunder Townhall Friedenplatz 1, 44135 Dortmund

24.05.2018 ab 18:30 Hrs

Film presentation in Dortmunds oldest cinema, Schauburg Brückstraße 66, 44135 Dortmund

25. und 26. 2018 ab 09:00 Hrs

Dortmund Townhall, Friedenplatz 1, 44135 Dortmund