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Our Youthworkprojects

Migration and escape from Africa “Reasons”

We invite teachers and students from the secondary education of selected schools in Dortmund and surroundings, to these regular workshops where the realistic images of Africa will be ascertained, and the causes of Migration from Africa will be debated. The images of the terrible events in Lampedusa that was projected in the media of emaciated figures looking up to Europe for help, the clichéd imagination of  the poor and needy continent that has no better information to offer than crises of wars and catastrophes. Together with the students, we will organise a project day where we shall thematise the causes…

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Straight from the heart

AfricanTide union e.V. and Anne-Frank-Gesamtschule in Dortmund worked six months long with a school group of 22 teens in the play “Straight from the heart”. The pupils are all in the 5th and 6th year and between 10 and 13 years old. The project was located in Anne-Frank Gesamtschule, supported by the class teacher in…

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