Educational and participatory package

The education and participation package (often designated as education package) provides services that supports families with low income to allow their children participate in the area of social, educational and extracurricular activities. This includes financial support for school trips, excursion, extra-moral classes, school books, student transportation, tuition, lunch catering in the day-care center, school and after-school and contributions to the club membership.

Seven months after the introduction of education and participation package, as an indication of the German Association of Cities and the German County Association, only 44% of eligible families have taken the opportunity offered. The statistics of participants who receive social and housing support lays at 50%. The problem here is not only the low overall utilization of this possibility, but also the use of learning support, which currently stands at just 3%.

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Language and Orientation Courses for Immigrants in Dortmund

This project is supported by Dortmund. They promote immigrants in a personal, cultural, social, and professional way to integrate them with the help of language and orientation courses. These courses are free for all immigrants and are independent of their residential status or nationality.

The aim of these courses are to introduce the refugees with the written and spoken language in Dortmund and to improve their existing language knowledge and skills.

At the same time we provide general information regugees need to know about Germany to make their daily life less complicated. It promotes their orientation in our country and also promotes understanding towards our cultural, economical and political processes.


Migration and escape from Africa "Reasons"

We invite teachers and students from the secondary education of selected schools in Dortmund and surroundings, to these regular workshops where the realistic images of Africa will be ascertained, and the causes of Migration from Africa will be debated. 

The images of the terrible events in Lampedusa that was projected in the media of emaciated figures looking up to Europe for help, the clichéd imagination of  the poor and needy continent that has no better information to offer than crises of wars and catastrophes.

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Qualification in Sewing & Design

The project is meant to Sensitise and strengthen gender community participation in Integration and reintegration in the Job market.

Project background

The African woman remains discriminated in Germany's job market and education furtherance programmes and that is an essential hindrance for a proper daily integration in the host country.

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