The introductory event for the project “Knowing me, knowing you” was held on September 17, 2010 in Dortmund.
This event, the first of its kind, presented the beginning of the project “Knowing me, knowing you”, which will last three and a half years and aims at building bridges between cultures and promoting mutual understanding.

The day started with the national anthems of both countries, Germany and Nigeria, as to pay a tribute to them. Music as a means of connecting people played an important role not only in the beginning of the event, but throughout the whole day. The day ended with a concert by Toni Tuklan with names like Master Blaster and DJ Tomekk on the attendance list. Moreover, young talents were discovered.

Among the dignities that graced the social event where the representative of the embassy of Nigeria in Berlin, Minister Muntari Abdu Kaita, the Lord Mayor of the city of Dortmund, Mr. Ullrich Sierau, a representative from the European Union, the AfricanTide’s corporation partners and a host of many other attendants among which were representatives of the Abuja Digest magazine and the Heritage magazine from Hamburg.

The program included a variety of performances and presentations, including traditional dances, a panel discussion and a fashion show. Information was presented on topics such as why there is a need for integration, which degrees and certificates from foreign schools and universities will be accredited in Germany and how immigrants can receive vocational training. Additionally, information about Nigeria and its people and culture was given. The panel discussion on the topic “Using culture as to create a synergy between Nigeria and Germany” took place in the late afternoon. The discussion was held by four knowledgeable participants and a member of the European Union, who promised to take the result of the discussion back to the appropriate channel.

During the event, the Lord Mayor of Dortmund, Patron of the project “Knowing me, knowing you”, emphasized his expectations from both, immigrants and the host country, especially in Dortmund: team work, he said, is the key to a better society. To his surprise he was presented with a new integration song titled “What About You Knowing Me?” composed and sung by the AfricanTide youths (ages between 13 and 17 years).