A welcome address from our Chairman

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

this year, we celebrate the founding, 56 years ago, of the present-day African Union, the Organization of African Unity, currently the African Union. Thirty of the then thirty-two independent African countries gathered to sign the Organization’s establishing agreement in Addis Ababa. Decolonization was almost nearing its end. The African leadership made a promise to always work together towards a better future for the entire of their continent. A significant deal has been achieved by Africa and its people since then, ever in the face of many barriers. I, therefore, congratulate countries of Africa and the African Union for those accomplishments. We commemorate the African Unity by honoring an organization that has dedicated itself to securing a rightful place for Africa on the global stage, and to attain a decent life for all the peoples of this continent.

Diaspora Impact Investments for Resilient Economies as one of the essential theme for this year commemoration, it is, therefore, necessary to convene innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors that aim to strengthen the African continent by building bridges among diasporas, Africans and friends of Africa. We must all aim to engage, inform and inspire various participants to be agents of change as well as active contributors to Africa’s development by following the footsteps of entrepreneurs who have walked the journey of pursuing opportunities and investment in Africa.

I will be glad to personally welcome you to this year’s African Union Day 2019 with very many and interesting topics that waits your participation and input on the 24th and 25th of May 2019 in the Deutsches Fussball Museum in Dortmund.


RosaLyn Dressman

We need to develop common value and human rights based strategies

Joerg Stüdemann, Director of the city of Dortmund As the director of the city of Dortmund, innovation, knowledge transfer and a professional exchange platform for science, politics, business and civil society is very important to me. Therefore, I am pleased that AfricanTide Union e.V. has once again succeeded in bringing international African experts and the African Diaspora together in Dortmund, and I trust that this idea will continue in the future as well.