Active Hope is AfricanTide Union’s youth initiative. Their work is based on three pillars: information, expression and success.

INFORMATION: We have committed ourselves to share relevant information regarding the point of views, orientation, results and experiences of the Afro-German community, especially if it concerns political and social involvement of the Afro-German community. Active Hope is a place to go for young Afro-Germans and enthusiasts when it comes to exchange of information, interdisciplinary discourses or exploring the quest of identity and heritage.

EXPRESSION: We give young migrants the chance to express themselves without censorship. We offer them a platform to discuss topics that move them and the assurance that their concerns are respected. Every contribution to the improvement of social coexistence is valued. Creativity combined with political and cultural relevant contents are characteristic for the work of our youth initiative.

SUCCESS: Using our intercultural experience we want to mobilise youths of African heritage and lead them to the ways of winning. Our aim is to motivate young adults to participate in designing social coexistence through political participation and cultural involvement. Their biculturality must be seen positively: They act as mediators of two different cultures.

We are a team of young Africans, who aim to strengthen our community and elaborate a respectable position within the German society.

New members are always welcomed. No matter if you write poems, are an artist, musician, athlete or interested in photography: Become a part of Active Hope. Let us motivate others to discover their potentials and strengthen their political and cultural awareness.


Do you want to be a part of Active Hope and see what it is like to be politically active? Then contact