The African Library project

Reading for all ages

Reading for all ages

The African Library Project is situated in Dortmund.  Our grassroots approach mobilizes German volunteers, young and old, to source for African books to improve our African library in Germany.  Our scheme makes a tangible contribution for children, the African communities and their host.

How we intend to approach this

As a volunteer, you collect, sort, and pack gently used African books then send it to us. We digitalise these books and can be deployed in our centre in the Afrika Haus in Dortmund...

Our partners range from volunteers to school administrators. They send us books and we organize them into libraries to serve our local African communities. Along the way, the German donors learn about Africa and develop closer but respectful connections to the people in communities.

  • Most African children growing up in Germany have little or no unbiased information about their heritage, meanwhile; we could do with lots of content that will support cultural literacy in our various africa communities in Germany.
  • Books are the key to increasing knowledge, which is the number 1 key of fighting poverty.
  • Many teachers teach children what they need to know in the European culture and history, but how can that learning be complete without a proper comparism? without even a single resource?
  • Our African children are losing their heritage by the day because of lack of cultural and historical information.
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Capital Office

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