Meet our #AUD2019 Presenters


Abdou-Rahime Diallo is our Moderator for #AUD2019

Abdou-Rahime Diallo, Policy Advisor for ACP-country Ministries, Promoter for Migration and Development Policies in Brandenburg.

Abdou-Rahime Diallo studies economic science in Düsseldorf and founded the Diaspora Policy institute, a pool of diaspora consultants in Germany in 2018. In 2017 he founded the Umbrella Network of Migrant organisations in Brandenburg (NeMiB), addressing migrant organisations’s perspectives on the political and civil society level. In 2015 he became promoter of development and migration policies for the state at the Umbrella Association of Co-Development Associations Brandenburg VENROB. The same year, he became the chair for the BBE (Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement) and the sector group Europe and International Engagement.

Since 2013, he has consulted BMZ based international exchange programmes (ASA, German – Africa – Youth Initiatives, ENSA) for Engagement Global. From 2011 – 2015 he coordinated the EU project Europe wide African Diaspora platform for Development (EADPD) at the African Diaspora Policy Center in the Hague, Netherlands. Since 1992 he implemented co-development projects in Guinea, Mali, Senegal with the NGO “The Bridge”.

Our presenters and their Abstracts


“The Africa we want” The pan-African Idea 2063 for a new, successful, safe and peaceful United Africa

About Simon Ridley

Simon Ridley currently works as UNDP’s Rule of Law, peacebuilding and Human Rights Advisor and Officer in charge for UNDP’s Regional Governance Team for Africa based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He previously led UNDP’s Rule of Law & Security programmes in Sierra Leone during the Ebola Crisis in 2014-15 and worked as UNDP’s Justice and human rights Programme lead in Somalia for UNDP prior to that. In his current role, Simon has provided advice to a number countries in the region on justice sector reform, security sector programming, conflict prevention, human rights, access to justice, parliamentary & constitutional support, prevention of violent extremism, reintegration of former combatants as well as SDG 16. Simon also works closely with Regional Organisations including the African Union, African Development Bank, ECOWAS, IGAD, Lake Chad Basin Commission(LCBC), ICGLR, SADC and World Bank. He has worked across sub Saharan Africa as well as Kosovo and Turkey.

Competences for Responsible and Sustainable Business in Africa

Coming soon

WORKSHOP; Promoting and Professionalising Diaspora Business

In Germany, about every fifth entrepreneur has a migration background. Over half of the newly emerging businesses in Germany are founded by people with a migrant background of which 2% of the people are of African descent. They are largely based on a precarious emergency. Without sufficient start-up capital, the dream of owning a company is quickly over. Also, who founders of companies, needs lot of information and various management tools to survive in the market. Additionally, they are increasingly confronted with changes and sudden events that can develop into real crises. How can Black Businesses be as resilient as possible? This includes anticipating changes, interpreting them correctly and coping with them.

The topic of resilience in the company is therefore be crucial for the future of Black Businesses.

About Mr. Clément Klutse

Clément Klutse, is CEO & Founder of Klutse Management Consulting and an Afro-German politician, member of CDU District Parliament of Hamburg-Nord. Responsible for Integration and immigration issues, he was the first African in Hamburg to be nominated candidate for the general parliament elections in 2015. Most recently he has work as Consultant at the Association of Immigrant Entrepreuneurs (ASM e.V) at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce of Hamburg advising SMEs (with a migration background) on the topics, Entrepreneurship, Growth, takeover, succession and expansion. Currently he is leading his own Management Consultancy specialized in Management Consulting and Africa Business.

As a former employee of GIZ (German society for international cooperation) he has collected international experiences in Economic cooperation also in EU projects in Africa.



Change Makers – The African Youth and the Importance of the Young Diaspora

No other continent has as many young people as Africa. They are increasingly demanding their right to economic, social and political inclusion. The AU’s Agenda 2063 also highlights the outstanding role of young people in Africa’s future. How can we support this trend from Germany? What role can the young African diaspora play in this?

About Serge Palasie

He is a specialist promoter for flight, migration and development at Eine Welt Netz NRW. He is an Africanist and deals with the emergence of the transatlantic space and the resulting global power relations. Further fields of work: Opportunities and challenges of an increasingly colourful society.


Africa – Asia – Europe Economic Relations: Dependency or Partnership?

In this 15-minute talk, I will briefly outline contemporary dynamics about triangular economic

relations between the continents of Africa, Asia, and Europe. I will focus on how the European Union (EU) and China are engaging Africa, particularly in the areas of investment. I will do a comparative analysis of the economic engagements between the EU and Africa, on the one hand, and between China and Africa, on the other, arguing that European engagements tend to be more aid-oriented and therefore promote dependency relations.

The Chinese engagement, on the other, tends to be more investment oriented, thereby achieving more productive, even if unequal, economic partnerships with Africa. I conclude, as I do in my recent book, The Globalization of Foreign Investment in Africa: The Role of Europe, China and India (2017, Emerald Publishing), that Africa, led by the African Union (AU), must evolve an Africa-driven Investment Policy in order to benefit from the increased interest in African resources by global investors from Europe, Asia and beyond.

About Prof. Dr. Adams Bodomo

He is the Director of the Global African Diaspora Studies (GADS) Research centre at the University of Vienna where he is chair professor of African Studies (Linguistics and Literature).

Prof Bodomo has done pioneering work on 21st Century Africa-Asia studies, with a particular focus on the African Diaspora in China, Africa’s experiences with globalization, and on the economic, linguistic, and cultural relations between Africa, Asia, and Europe.



Financing of energy projects by crowdfunding

In the presentation, I discuss the possibilities and special features of this form of financing. How big are the projects to be financed, in which period are they financed and on what conditions for the investors? How does an affine crowd “tick” in Germany, why do citizens in Germany finance projects in Africa by means of crowdfunding?One example is the bettervest platform, which has already financed many projects in African countries.I would like to present successful campaigns as an example.

About Andreas Guba

Six years ago, his co-founded startup was largely financed by 3 successful crowdfunding campaigns, which organized the trained businessman for marketing communication. The theme did not let him go. After leaving his solar company, he switched to the platform side and realized campaigns first for bettervest, then for other platforms. Today, he works as an independent crowdfunding manager for many German platforms with a focus on renewable energies and resources.