In our childcare center, we care for about 40 children from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, while the parents attend internal and external language courses or attend important appointments.

The core of the work is the holistic view of the family and intensive partnership-based cooperation between employees, employees and parents, so that migrant children can be given favourable development conditions. Focal points of our work are the early promotion of language, the promotion of physical activity and the intercultural work by integrating various offers of parent and family education.

We emphasize the importance of social space-oriented openness, networking and local community-based provision of family education, with the active involvement of parents, so that comprehensive early childhood education for children and their families can begin.

Practically speaking, intercultural competence is playfully conveyed to children through situational insights into foreign habits and traditions, recognizing differences and similarities between their own, German and other cultures in order to approach each other without prejudice and playfully through stories, dance, music, and contact German language, excursions and much more to enable them gain interest in their new home.