The program was preceded by a 2- day Train- the -Trainer workshop organized for all Master Trainers.

In the first phase which covered the first three weeks, the training focused on the theoretical contents of the course covering introduction and the basics of plumbing and fittings, and the use of safe work practices in codes in plumbing, marking, measurement and mathematical calculations in plumbing etc.

The phase of the program witnessed the commencement of real practical training made more-meaningful and easy to comprehend by the use of our visual training equipment as plumbing tools and equipment were brought out and trainees were moved to our training workshop at Okaka and several practical job sites. Modules covered at this stage included operation and maintenance of plumbing tools, materials and masonry in plumbing, pipes and valves, installation of cold and hot water systems, drain, waste and vent system etc. During the course of the training:

  • Trainees signed the attendance register every day of the week to enable us track their punctuality and commitment.
  • Attendance is progressive and encouraging, showing the trainees’ zeal and desire to integrate into the job market
  • Intensive practical teachings were also held at several Jobsites during this phase of the training.

Training Evaluation

At the end of the training, participants were asked to come up with a product to prove that knowledge has indeed been acquired. They constructed and present local showers, additionally, they installed and repaired toilet systems.


The training was successful. It is our recommendation that additional modules be offered the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to enable them keep up with new market trends







SEPT 2021