Based on the qualification scenario in Nigeria, further education offers are to be developed and applied, to which the methodical / didactic curricula are applicable both in Germany and in Nigeria. The project focuses on training solar technician, supporting measures to achieve sustainable self-employment, and the accompaniment and integration into social insurance paid employment.

Initially, 15 master trainer are be trained, who would then qualify a total of 48 skilled workers as solar technicians in two subsequent training graduations. The didactic approach of the “train-the-trainer principle with a work-based approach” will be applied to the Nigerian conditions in order to professionally train people with suitable basic education. An education centre will be setup with German companies that want to produce in Nigeria. The project will reduce the causes of flight from Nigeria and offer opportunities for those willing to return who are already in Europe – the skilled workers will be able to establish their own professional existence in an innovative technology area.

AfricanTide will also qualify socio-educational pedagogic support of the project participants. Emphases are laid on the political, economic, and community-oriented implementation by networking the relevant institutions in Europe and Africa, intervention measures to optimize the achievement of goals as well as the preparation of the sustainable institutionalization of the German education content in the south-south of Nigeria.



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APRIL 2019