Our smart house is a self-sufficient house built in a way that the it can generate its energy, filter its water so that it becomes drinkable, secure its own environment with the help of certain applications and devices that can be automatically controlled remotely from any internet-connected place in the world using a mobile or other networked device.

Our smart house has its devices interconnected through the internet, and the user can control functions such as security access, temperature, lighting, home theatre, even your cooking appliances and many more depending on how much one is willing to invest for his or her own comfort.

Smart House Expert Certificate (SHE)

Join ATTEC Training in Yenagoa and become a Smart House expert within 15 months. Find out the fundamentals of a Smart House System, get to know how to build your houses, understand the configuration system, learn how to organize your smart house projects – from planning all the way to the implementation and get your certification as a SHE.

Apart from the SHE certificate, we offer also training for trainers. You will gain a full understanding of the Smart House solution, guided by our professional smart trainers. Upon successful completion of our train the trainer program, you’ll become an ATTEC Trainer and benefit from a lot of additional advantages.

Basic reasons why you should engage in this smart house training

  • Work with Sophisticated, Ground-Breaking Technology
  • Join a Growing Industry
  • Help people feel safer and comfortable with minimum cost
  • Enhance your living standard







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