Why is this training offered?

Firstly, many people have valuable professional skillswithout having a recognized vocational qualificationThey are called upon only when needed as temporary helpers. These people are at high risk of unemployment. Because of this, migrants with true talents andprofessional skills are hardly unfolded.

On the other hand, food and crafts industries are looking to employ numerous professionals or people who they can train too.

With this professional qualification offer, we are trying to bridge the gap and help immigrants through the initial qualification and offer them with new perspective and employment opportunities. In this way, we bring you through the first step towardsemployment and training to become a specialist in the bakery profession. Second step towards becoming a master of your profession can then be followedThe motto isToday HelperTomorrow Professional.


The individual professional and language qualification process that is being offered qualifies participants for employment in the bakery trade as a skilled helper, offering participants an easy access into the job market. People who participate in this qualification process, can also be trained to become a master baker with all technical language basics included.

Qualification Result

At the end of the baker training the participants will receive a certificate of acquired skills and have the best employmentopportunities in the bakery trade since the Bäckerinnungs-verband Westfalen Lippe and the famous Baker’s School Olpe are cooperation partners to the project. Additionally, participants will have acquired already part of the qualification as baker in the practical training process.

The baker qualification of entry into the bakery trade as a professional helper / in is prepared and contacts are madePerspectivecan further qualification in the form of a preparation connect to the journeyman’s examination.

Title of the qualification

Skilled helper / in in the bakery trade

Scope of training

The technician qualification helpers in the bakery trade comprises a total of 107 teaching hours. 30 hours of theory and 77 hours of practicals in education and operations center.

The theoretical fundamentals are taught by a professional faculty of Baker’s School in the House of diversityBeuthstraße 21, 44147Dortmund.

The inter-company training will be held from 27 to 31/10/2014 in the First German baker technical collegeat Zur Bäckerschule 5,57462 Olpe / Bigge. There are accommodation possibilities in the Baker’s boarding school.

The company qualification will take place within the period of 03.11 to 11.28.2014 (at least five daysin the Dortmund region.


should there be no alternative funding opportunities, participants will get funding coupons from IQ “provided they fulfill the funding conditions”. The IQ funding coupon will be issued by the Handwerkskammer DortmundThis coupon is then submitted to theBaker’s School Olpe for the participation in the qualification.

(NoteThe possibility of using the IQ qualification coupon for participation will being examined, and will final be approval by theFunding agency)

Language support

Individual learning and practice phases are accompanied by an integrated specialist language coachingso that emerging language barriers can be identified and overcome as early as possible.

Social Educational Services

Duringbefore and after completion of the training the participants get socio-educational Care. This way, occurring challenges canbe quickly identified and resolved individually and with the necessary confidenceThe service also supports the participants in the upcoming administrative tasks, and also if necessary, coordinate with the job center or employment agency.

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