What is your plan for today? Want to participate in another fun activity with friends or with neighbours’ community?

If you are looking for a social place to meet like-minded people or you are a food lover and interested in supporting a worthwhile project, should you just want to get more engaged in your community – then you should consider our cooking classes.

At AfricanTide Union, we welcome everyone into the kitchen whether you’re a new cook learning the basics or you have advanced skills. Our cooking classes are taught by local refugee and immigrant cooks, as well as other participants. The lessons are hands-on, allowing guests to cook, taste and create a meal to be shared at the end of the class.

Each event offers a true cultural experience – opportunity to try out an authentic cuisine and interact with members of immigrant and refugee communities. Please view our schedule to register for an upcoming cooking class. Additionally, you can also get personalized, private cooking classes with our cooks for groups of 10 to 15 people. This is a great option if you’re looking to host a unique, interactive party with incredible food and party design that also happens to support a great cause.

Please see our Catering and Private Dinners page for more information about private cooking classes. Refugee and immigrant cooks benefit greatly from the teaching in our cooking classes. The classes give them exposure and a chance to interact with the Dortmund community, plus experience in a professional kitchen and classroom setting. Moreover, the confidence gained from sharing their wealth of healthy food knowledge with others is immeasurable.

Our Events offer a chance for a true meeting of cultures that ultimately contributes to the richness of our city Dortmund and its welcome culture.

All profits generated from the cooking events go directly towards training programs for our immigrant and refugee participants.