The project is meant to Sensitise and strengthen gender community participation in Integration and reintegration in the Job market.

Project background

The African woman remains discriminated in Germany’s job market and education furtherance programmes and that is an essential hindrance for a proper daily integration in the host country.

Our project is supposed to present another view with a simple solution finding for affected African women in the job market, creating access for employment, Arts and creativity in everyday life.

Project Method

The African fashion show – “Impress Yourself” is an AfricanTide Union project and will be held in Dortmund in cooperation with other active organisations with the same interest. The program activity will comprise of three phases.

  • A preliminary phase containing design dialogue
  • Preparation on self-esteem, integration made easy and fashion show event
  • Data collection for project evaluation. Qualitative and quantitative analyses will be conducted.

The Event

AfricanTide Union’s gender project launches their latest collections at the Dortmund U in cooperation with the city of Dortmund and other cooperation partners.
Target group

The project is targeted towards niche markets, each collection showcase will show the best of African contour in Germany.

The Show will be a celebrated event which shall highlight the talent of the immigrant woman and hobby designers as they transit into the fashion industry and you will be convinced of their attention to technical details, functionality, craftsmanship, and surface design skills.