A meeting point for single mothers with a migration background

Single mothers with a migration background often face tremendous challenges in everyday life in Germany. Insufficient knowledge of the German language, social isolation and a lack of knowledge regarding the German educational system are a few among many factors that present insuperable obstacles to a successful integration of this group into German society.

AfricanTide Union e.V. tackled this problem by conducting a seminar for women with a migration background that addressed exactly these challenges.

The seminar aimed at sensitizing the participants to the problems that might occur for single mothers with a migration background in their everyday life here in Germany and endowing them with specific tools as to successfully solve those problems. Moreover, the seminar created a platform, which allowed the women to exchange their experiences and try to find solutions to obstacles together well beyond the time of the seminar. Role plays, individual and small-group work, as well as discussions promoted creativity, motivation and an increase of their self-esteem among the participants.

The participants really appreciated the seminar and stated that it was very informative and helpful. A repetition for another circle of participants was startedin 2015.