Soli Fashion Show

Soli started modelling  with the age of 15 in her birth country , St. Vincent and the Grenadines . Since then she has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to walk in runway shows in the Caribbean, Canada and Europe. The wealth of knowledge gained through her experiences in the industry has allowed her perfect her craft on the runway, on photo shoots and in the area of acting.

She had coached models for The Cassidy Group Talent Agency, Soli Productions Management Inc. , and Aspiring freelance models; now signed to other Modelling agencies in Canada. Her Coaching style is very militant and effective, she produces results not promises.

This Model Workshop Provides you with the tools to:

  • Perfect your Modelling skills
  • Develop a solid foundation for entry into the industry
  • Allow you to gain a competitive edge in the market where first impressions are the only ones you get.
  • Promoting Individuality

Each training session designed to teach the language of the industry from;

  • Selling your brand, mastering the Runway and establishing a strong print presence with brands.
  • Session Pillars
  • Perfecting Posture and Undeniable Poise
  • Commanding a strong Runway Presence
  • Assembling Professional Portfolio Images
  • Mastering the art of body language through Facial Expressions and body movements
  • Conquering Casting calls with Confidence
  • Establishing and Commanding a strong Professional Brand through social media platforms

Looking forward to helping you map our own path on this beautiful journey!

  1. Learn how to walk the runway
  2. know how to pose
  3. Commanding a good posture Mastering strong facial expression.
  4. Get excited instead of nervous!
  1. Learn how to pose in front of the camera
  2. Finding your angles for the perfect image
  3. Learn how to get scouted on social platforms
  4. Design your Model Proof social media profile
  5. Find castings and jobs on Instagram.
  1. Summary of previous sessions
  2. Perfecting your walk your pose
  3. Time infront of the Camera
  4. Put the techniques you’ve learned into practice in front of the camera, with your coach to help guide you
  5. Portfolio images for distribution to agencies
  6. Construct you comp card for casting calls.

Runway Showcase May 24th ,25th 2019 in Dortmund