The Association


We create a blueprint of knowledge, skills and abilities for migrants and skilled workers, so that they may succeed in the ever-evolving African – European economy.

With support from multiple institutions, AfricanTide’s team has established an International Network that would permanently align learning with solid employment opportunities and life success.

We bring together a cross-section of African European business and industry groups and help communicate doing better business in Africa, while practicing good governance.

We sensitize industries and government on the importance of multicultural relationship where mutual respect plays a very important role thereby, helping them discover the competence of Africans in Germany.

AfricanTide as a catalysator and Differentiator

We are a pioneering organization comprised ofcommitted individuals who foster and leverage creativity and innovation in institutions and society. We identify leading edge innovation, share experiences, partake in research, and recognize innovation and creative processes.

Through sharing and straightness, we encourage our team to openly explore topics of interest and support mutual learning and personal development. We actively promote diversity in all perspectives and also value and respect the contribution each member makes in achieving the organization’s goals and mission.