Africa's resilience & relevance

May 23 - 25, 2020 | As from 11.00 Hrs
Afrika Haus Dortmund

The Days Format

This year’s conference will use the same program model as other African Union Day conferences we had previously organised from 2010 through 2019.  3 speakers for each selected theme.

For some themes, there will be workshops organised.

The first speaker always presents an `overview' of topics treated in 2019 and possibly accumulated results. At the end of day 1, there will be an interactive podium discussion session that will focus on Diaspora and internationalisation in Education.

The second day will see us through Joint service towards Peacekeeping and Security in the African continent, at the end of the day there shall be the traditional African Union Day business dinner activities for our presenters and our prominent guests.

Also featuring during the 3 days conference will several kinds of cultural activities that projects the positive image of the Africa continent. We are also happy to announce the “Oriental bazar” this year, it will be an open-air event in front of the Afrika Haus.

During this 3-day event, we shall join our Muslim brothers and sister in the Iftar of Ramadan (at sunset) as a symbol of peace and harmony in the our ever-evolving continent.

Video conference and video record

AfricanTide recognises the value of documentation without losing site of the data protection roles.  Therefore, we will video the entire conference which includes presentations, workshops and panel discussions on the 2 days.  For this reason, each presenter is required to agree to being filmed. 

General Information about the African Union Day event 2020:

The African Union Day event is being organised by the AfricanTide Union e.V. in Dortmund Germany since 2010. Our conference focus basically on the development of the African Diaspora and it’s immediate home communities. Themes generally discussed in our conferences includes but not limited to Education, leadership, investment and Job market integration also in Africa.

The conference attracts up 1000 participants from different works of life annually.

Whilst we aim to present current research on issues, we are keen to concentrate on best practice/ emerging ways of working, collaborating and networking - the aim is to strengthen/ build the practice/ delivery of services and programs for participants. We also make sure we include the voices of young people and women

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