Country specific workshop: 26.05.2017

In commemoration with the African Union Day, we offer country specific workshops to allow users and visitors deal with issues concerning their countries in a brief time. The African continent homes several countries with diverse cultural and political views which sometimes makes it become challenging to deal with all arising issues with the same approach. That is why for more efficiency we have planned a section of this two working days to accommodate interested countries and their workshops.

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Our challenge is to respond to the rapid development in the above mentioned areas in a correspondingly fast and demand-oriented way and, on the other hand, to provide and maintain high-quality and competent services and solutions.
  • The African Competence Center NRW (ACCN) is made up of cooperation of local participants that works together to achieve these goals. Actors in education, politics, public administration, economy and society meet...


  • IBaN identifies the familiarity of diversity in all facets of human life and informs apprentice and students about the fact that individuals have naturally developed a range of different ways of life, customs and worldviews...


  • This social pedagogical center offers a combination of scientific and conceptual work in Dortmund. The project is successively developed in cooperation with all network partners as well as members of the association.


    Active Hope is AfricanTide Union’s youth initiative. Their work is based on three pillars: information, expression and success.


  • Are you a single parent or a woman with migration background and no job? Or you have worked in the past and would like to return to work or do you have a minimum wage? Then this weekly gathering is just the thing for you!


  • MyTide TV serves as a speech hub for young people as well as young adults with and without migration background..