The Association

AfricanTide Association (Taftas’) primary goal is to empower African communities by increasing their engagement in both socioeconomic and politic matters. Our aim goes beyond mere engagement; rather we aim to foster inclusive environments, strengthen democratic values, promote economic prosperity, and advance social equity across Nigeria.

Active citizenship has the power to transform society. Our daily commitment as members of civil society fuels our mission and serves as the core that keeps moving us forward together. We value every person, voice and action taken towards creating an equitable society.

Taftas’ commitment extends far beyond words; we strive to build dynamic and collaborative platforms which foster lively dialogue, enriching learning experiences, effective action plans and harness collective power towards socioeconomic and political advancement.

Taftas’ vision is to develop an engaged citizenry who are sustainable, empowered, informed, and informed about national affairs. Our goal is not only to reach this horizon but to go further beyond it by helping Nigerians toward reaching their full potential – Taftas is about unity and strength!